What Will Application Development Be Like In the future?

Ten years ago not many people had smart phones let alone a decent mobile phone. Consumer was changed for both incoming as well as outgoing calls. But today you will hardly find normal phones as majority of the people are having smart phones with always on internet connections. So, they are mobile on the go. 

With changing technology, the demand for enterprise mobile application development compatibility changed too so that they are compatible across web and mobile devices. Enterprise mobile application development strategyis to make their mobile app available on as many popular enterprise app development platform as possible and yet trying to keep pace with ever changing mobile technology scenario. 

So, what does the future hold for web application and mobile app developers in ten years from now? As new and smart technology become readily available to businesses and consumers, the app developers will have to become even smarter and lift their head up to design and develop better enterprise applications to market following better app development process. 

Both mobile phones and desktops are becoming pixel sensitive and as they become more graphic intensive, web and mobile app needs to be aware of them as well. More and more games are launched everyday which are so graphic intensive they the cost of GPUs are much more than CPUs and the world is catching up where gamers are boasting their GPU power rather than CPU power these days. 

Coming back to desktops and mobile devices becoming pixel intensive, the normal responsive websites will need to be designed differently to take advantage of the graphic power of devices they are viewed on. 

From normal dedicated or shared hosting we are already moving towards cloud hosting where computations are much faster, have better distributed network and relatively cheaper if the demand for network resources are low. So, the enterprisemobile application development company in India and rest of the world should develop the mobile apps or enterprise web applications specifically for cloud server platform which is slightly different from how programmers normally develop applications. Instead of tightly developing applications, developers should design the applications around APIs or as separate services which can be used when required. 

Enterprise mobile app development companies in India and elsewhere will be heavily using MEAPs (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) which provides application development and management capabilities and tools for mobile apps testing, and deployment. As enterprises become heavily dependent on mobile devices for accessing data across different locations, the web application needs to be responsive to adopt to device screens providing smooth operation. 


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