How much of your company is Web-based?

With growing popularity of the internet and it’s almost free access around the world, much of demand for product and services are generated online. How dependant is your organization on the internet for the business and how successfully have you tapped the internet potential?  

If your business is one of the businesses where the internet presents an additional marketplace besides your brick-and-mortar stores, it is only a matter of time before business from the internet will overtake your offline business revenues. For this to happen, you need to have an effective online business promotion strategy to enhance the online viability to increase customer engagement. 

Then there are businesses which only exists online with no offline business extension and they are flourishing. They are attracting multimillion-dollar investments from investors. Most of the E-commerce marketplaces in India, such as Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra exists online with sellers having the actual inventory. This has been a successful business model with revenue coming in the form of listing fees and commissions on sales.

Whether you try to set-up a business online or are just an online entity, one thing that is common in both the businesses are webdesign and development companies in India who help them set-up their impressive online presence. From developing a corporate website to enterprise application development to setting up an online e-tailor stores, this enterprise app development companies in India have expertise in helping different clients for their different needs

These custom enterprise application development company in India provide application development and maintenance services responsible for running and managing your business applications. These application development companies rely heavily on the internet for businesses; the percentage of dependency depends on the extent of exposure they have in local, national or international markets. 

As not every business can have an in-house team of designers and developers to continuously provide innovative solutions, they depend on these development agencies to provide technology innovations to maximize value from the investment. Some of these companies offer application development andmaintenance (ADM) outsourcing solutions using tools and development architecture for faster application deployment and their time to market. 

Not all businesses need application development services. Some need online business promotions to increase their business visibility so that they are present where their customers are browsing and searching for similar companies. Some need customer engagement programs to increase interactions with customers as part of brand awareness and promotions services. Some need solutions to increase customer support and grievance redressal services. 

As in every industry, there is intense competition among the application development companies in India and abroad. Some play on prices and some of the expertise and some on both of these factors. As prospect customers are becoming intelligent and demanding, keeping them happy over a long period can only be done through experience and continuous efforts to surpass their expectations. Development companies in India playing on prices cannot sustain for long and thus cannot provide professional services over an extended period. 


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